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E-Type Engine

First pencil sketch I’ve done in a while… a little muddy… too much HB, too little 4H…!

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Maserati 250F

Another go at getting used to the Wacom interface. I’m generally pleased with the way that this one came out, but would like to “clean these up a bit; that is, rely less on the “sketchiness” and achieve a more … Continue reading

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I was bored during a meeting and doodled this. It’s a “thumbnail” – about 6 x 4 cm… Tch tch tch… still sketching cars in the margins when I should be paying attention… I never did grow up.

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Uber Coffeemaker

…or “a triumph of detail over content” … or “the anti-Braun”. Not sure why I did this. Just got started and got carried away. Still, there are mornings when I would like this to be the coffeemaker that greeted me…

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