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Sketch for possible painting

I’ve been thinking about doing this for a while – I like the nature of the subject because it is a little more abstract in flavour than what I usually do, in as much as the subject is “closed up” … Continue reading

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Countach concept

Keeping on the theme of Lamborghinis, a conceptualized idea of an lp400 update – an idea of what I wish the Countach had become, sans all those bad 80s spoilers, wings and add on body panels…

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the rough and the smooth – the ROUGH

My students don’t, I think, believe me that drawings, sketches, renderings, paintings etc, need planning. So – I submit – a rough. This is typical of the work I do prior to attempting a “good” sketch. I will sometimes use … Continue reading

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Rolls Royce Headlamp

Sketched this a while back after the British car day, and thought it was an interesting subject – so I decided to give this a “photoshop paint” … took far too long on it, but am happy with the result.

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Belgian Grand Prix

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Autobianchi Bianchina

This is a car that I was only peripherally aware of but was reminded of recently when I watched the Peter O’Toole, Audrey Hepburn movie “How to steal a million”… in it you get to see O’toole tooling (sorry) around … Continue reading

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Bike Sketch

Another gratuitously complex drawing…

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A sketch I’ve done for a client who wishes to have his old Hondas painted. This is one rough of several to show the client different views and compositions. Drawing 2 cars together is always tricky, because if you draw … Continue reading

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Braun Hairdryer (HLD-6)

This was a tricky one. I was giving this the same treatment as the previous post (the Mercedes coloured paper rendering) but it just wasn’t looking “right”. In the end, I took the sketch layer from the base and put … Continue reading

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