Lancia Fulvia

Lancia Fulvia

Love the look of these cars, but they’re tricky to draw – even in side view! This is a little over-photoshopped, mostly in deference to the fact that the sketch was very light and my scanner at home isn’t great… so it’s taken some “adjustment”.

Ferrari 312 T3

ferrari 312 T3

I was very fortunate to visit Nick Mason’s car collection in the Cotswolds back in 2006. An amazing collection of cars including this, Gilles Villeneuve’s 312 T3 from 1978. Sketched from a photo I took at the time.

Ferrari 512S

Ferrari 512S

A sketch of the Ferrari 512S as raced at le mans in 1970 – this is the Derek Bell/Ronnie Peterson SpA SEFAC Ferrari, which only made it to lap 39… Sketch is 10.5″ x 6.5″.

Sebastian Vettel, 2010 Red Bull

Sebastian Vettel, 2010 Red Bull

A sketch I did as prep for a possible painting. In the end, I never did the painting – this sort of perspective is tricky, and I was concerned that in spite of it being an interesting “viewpoint” that ultimately, the painting might have an “uncomfortable” appearance…

Norton Dominator

Norton Dominator.
1959 Norton Dominator.

A Norton Dominator that has received a little “café” treatment – small pencil sketch – about 4″ x 7″. 

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